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Pre-Engineered Building Installation Services

PEB Awareness

A main advantage of steel frames is their capability of covering huge spans with lesser cost than concrete frames.

The pre-engineered metal building system is a building enclosure system that always includes a structural system and often includes roof and wall cladding. The general idea of the system is represented in the diagram below. The structural system consists of rigid frames that are fabricated from plate steel and “cold formed” into an “I” shape through a manufacturing process. These rigid frames consist of roof beams and columns that are field bolted together. These frames can span large distances without intermediate supporting columns. The frames are spaced at intervals between 15’ and 60’ and can span, column-free, up to 300’ across a building

PEB Advantages

  • Aesthetic appeal
  • Faster completion
  • Economical delivery – 30% lower costs
  • Seismic resistance
  • Ease of expansion
  • Large clear spans
  • Maintenance free
  • Highest quality checks
  • Hassle-free

PEB Erection and Sheeting Procedure.

Ground Condition / Site preparation:

  • Visit to site and understand the ground conditions suitable for erection.
  • Identification of space in consultation with client near to the structure for unloading of material and for painting.
  • Firm Floor surface and ramp for movement of crane within the building area.
  • 3m wide plain surface all around the periphery for the movement of scaffolding.
  • Source of electricity and water supply for sheeting and water testing purpose.
  • Provision for labour accommodation within or near the site.
  • Suitable storage arrangement to be provided by the client for safety & security of fasteners and other small materials.

Project Planning

Log Book:

Log book is maintained at the site by the supervisor which contains:

  • No. of working staff per day per activity.
  • No of hoisting equipments, tools tackle machinery etc.
  • Details of material received (load wise), date, discrepancy if any as mentioned on the back side of LR Copy.
  • Painting, equipments & labour.
  • Erection/Activity status report (date wise)..
  • Anchor Bolt setting Report.
  • Torque tightening Report.
  • Alignment Report.

Safety Equipments

  • First aid kit at site.
  • All workers and personnel strictly wears PPE.
  • Firm Ladders have to be provided for the access of workers to reach the roof level. Purling Challis & and man basket Must be provided at site for Safe erection.
  • Lifelines have to be provided for fixing the secondary members and during roof sheeting for the workers to hook their safety belts.
  • Electrical distribution board are used with required industrial sockets & switches for safe working.
  • Electrical cables tested for cuts/burns prior to the usage.
  • Movable scaffolding for fixing of secondary members and for cladding works.
  • Trolley for holding DA and oxygen cylinders in vertical position.
  • Cordoning off roof openings till openings are closed.
  • Cordoning off erection area from other agencies to enter.
  • Crane/hydra tested for safety prior to erection.
  • Ensuring supervisor/engineer to conduct toolbox meeting on daily basis.
  • Safety display boards & logbook containing contact numbers maintained at site.


  • Colour, type, brand, no of coats, Ral Number confirmed with the client.
  • Sufficient inventory of paint is maintained at the site.
  • Proper touch up after erection is carried out.
  • Painting equipments like brush/compressors are arranged adequately. Tools, Tackles, Equipment and machinery
  • List of all erection and sheeting related tools used at site are mentioned.


  • Details of each and every worker including name, age, address, photo ID and skill test maintained till the final handover of the building to the client.


  • Thorough checking of anchor bolts with respect to line, levels, locations and critical dimensions carried out and anchor bolt report is submitted before commencing erection.
  • Thorough checking of material with respect to packing list, shipper list and drawing done prior to commencing erection.
  • Painting of structural members as per the priority of erection.
  • Type of lifting equipments/crane as required for erection (capacity & boom height).
  • Scaffold as per the height of the structure.
  • Thorough studying of drawing by the site engineer/supervisor.
  • Erection to start with a braced bay in all types of structures.
  • Where span (width) is less than length of structure proceed erection bay wise.
  • Where span (width) is more than the length of structure proceed erection module wise.

Roof, Wall cladding and Finishing

Before starting any sheeting work, we check for complete alignment of the portion of structure to be sheeted and submit alignment Report to the PEB. Supplier’s Engineer.

  • Calculation of manpower and machinery required for the sheeting area.
  • Mobile scaffold to carryout the wall cladding.
  • Sufficient props or wooden supports to be provided from ground level for grits which are sagging before cladding.
  • All purling to be straightened before roof sheeting.
  • Proper scaffold or firm ladder /staircase to reach the roof top.
  • Check the diagonals of the first layer of sheets both for roof and wall cladding.
  • Proper method of screwing of roof as well as wall sheeting.
  • Fixing of mastic tape for roof sheeting with proper overlaps of sheets as specified.
  • All flashings & trims are properly lapped and aligned.
  • All closures are properly sealed and screwed such that they are firmly fixed.
  • Gutter and downspouts are aligned properly.
  • For tightening of screws, screwing machines with depth gauge sockets are used.
  • Life lines fixed such that all sheeting team working at heights use it for hooking the safety harness belt.

Water Test and Handing Over

  • Water test for testing the roof is made in the presence of client/consultant representative. The arrangement for the same is also done in accordance with the client representative. Leakages, if any are immediately sealed and re water test is conducted.

Statutory Obligations:

We comply with all statutory, labour, laws, and minimum wages and maintain the necessary records at site.

  • We submit the proof of payment made to ESI & PF.
  • We submit the workmen compensation policy/ ESI details to clients within one week from receipt of Work Order, With work schedule.

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